Saturday, September 03, 2005

What we do in those woods.

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Me and my pal tEt like to perform every once in a while.  At the festival I work at we have a talent show of sorts and last year we did these same characters and an acapella version of George Michael's "Faith".  People were peeing their pants, they loved it so much. 

So by popular demand we came back with version 2.  Gretchen Phillips accompanies, Mags did the recording.  Enjoy.     

Amazon Women

Watch the video

This summer at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival I recorded many clips of things that mean a lot to me. This clip is a sample from the song that is performed every year at the ceremony which opens the night stage. Every year there's a different performance but the song is always the same. "Amazon women rise". Maybe you have to be there to get it, or maybe this clip will do something for you.