Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gender Talk

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It's time for another discourse on my gender journey.

Sweet Spot

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This is my friend Tracy. Tracy is reading the instructions for the "Sweet Spot" wipette. Propaganda warning!

PSA - re: the washroom

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This is a really big deal in my life. It's always been this way - I've experienced everything from just plain evil looks to being pushed out of the bathroom. Going into public ladies bathrooms is always a stressful experience for someone who doesn't "look" the part. The way that I cope is mostly to remember where every unisex/disabled washroom is at any place that I frequent. Someday I want to have a map of all the highway rest stops in Canada and the US who have them.

Anyway, the other day I was thinking it's time to bring other women in on the deal. Talk to each other - please spread the word - someone who at first glance may not seem to "belong" in your washroom probably does, because most men would KNOW if they weren't in the mens room right away.

Let's all just try and assume that everyone around us is doing what they're supposed to be doing.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gem Sweater Bootleg - Leslie and The LYs in Canada

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This week at the TAAFI gala opening, Leslie and the LYs made their Canadian debut to mass hysteria. This was a fucking awesome show. Leslie is a great performer - and she rocked the house! My friends Tracy and Allyson were guest LYs - Al's playing the DJ box and Tracy's on the keyboards.

The best part is that I had a camera at the back of the room that the Gladstone was using to make a live feed for those who couldn't get close enough - AND I was right up front with my trusty digital camera that records unlimited video clips - so I synched up the sound from the back camera with the images from up front.

Anyway, I've got a couple more songs I can put up over the next few days, plus a song from Stinkmitt who performed as well.

What on earth...

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More fun with the two cutest house pets.  Hopey is becoming more cat-like than before.  Yesterday she pounced on an elastic band.  Imagine, a 72lbs hound dog trying to pounce.  She's not graceful, but she's my dog.


music - "Tango" by the Corner Tour 

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Teaching another videoblogging workshop

I taught my first workshop this past summer and now it's time for take 2. This time I brought my little digital camera and we shot an introduction in the class. Also, the people who signed up this time all have macs at home and they also are all camera owners. I think that the next workshop I teach, I will make this a prerequisite. The second half is tomorrow night when we'll get to see how far everyone has gotten in setting up their own vlog.

I love teaching people about videoblogging. The first two hours are really exciting because people are so amazed by the potential of what they can do. Then when I start to try and explain RSS 2.0 and the idea of subscribing to feeds, it all gets a little heavy and confusing for them. I would love any tips or links to materials that could help me get this part across better.

See clip here