Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Marshmallow Eating Contest - Michfest 2006

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On the second last night of long crew we have a bonfire where we burn up all the scraps and crap that's left...a bag of marshmallows is just asking to be crammed into as many faces as possible. I got 13 in, Chicken couldn't beat me but Charles gave me a run for my money.

Next year I'm bringing the kingsize bag.

The Gatorade? Commercial - Michfest 2006

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This was shot near the end of long crew (the 100 or so who work over a month on the festival crew) - this is a moment of inspirational improvisation...or an example of what can happen when you are deprived of t.v. for a month.

Not Touching...

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Joey and Dawn are dancing queens.

'nuff said.

5 things Feminism has done for me...

This post is inspired by Progressive Bloggers

1. Provided me with an amazingly political, non-traditional labourer, feminist, lesbian mom.
2. Inspired me to believe that I can do anything I want to do regardless of my gender.
3. Was the force behind the creation of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival where I get my fix of feminism, womyn's art and intentional community every August.
4. Got me the right to vote - and I have now voted 3 times for candidates who have won...which I think might be a record in my family.
5. Has been an all-encompassing theme in the way I live my life, the way I build community, treat others with respect, move on this earth and try to leave it a better place.

Post your own list of "5 Things Feminism Has Done For Me" and let Progressive Bloggers know about it!