Friday, May 20, 2005

Sarena's First Solo Show

Click on image to see movie.

This is my girlfriend's first solo show. She was in a band called S.H.A.G. (She Has A Guitar) for over 10 years. I actually first met her back then when her band was new, I was putting together a compilation tape to commemorate Dec. 6th (the anniversary of the Montreal massacre) and I booked them to play the launch as well as getting a song of theirs on the tape. It's so funny to me to think of putting out a tape now. At the time though it was really a huge success, we sold out of tapes. The next year I did it again with only bands, some of my favourite bands at the time; Tribe 8, Team Dresch, Jane Doe were on it. Back to my lady love. Here she is doing one of her new tunes. She's got such a strong voice - sometimes she does Led Zepplin at karaoke and she's amazing.

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