Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not for anyone afraid of needles - this is a document of how I inject testosterone into my leg.� I do this every two weeks, since April 18th, 2005 and I am documenting my changes whenever I feel like it.� So far, only my voice is changing.� No body hair yet.

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Mike said...

Wow. I'm kind of squeamish, but I can't help but watch.

I hope you're still liking blip. Drop me an e-mail if you like, let me know what you like and don't like and what you think our priorities should be.

I'm a subscriber now, by the way.

Solynna said...

Hi, nice vlog:)

Anonymous said...

I don't like needles. However, I'm glad to see a tranny presence in the vlog world.

I enjoy watching "Kink" on the Uncensored Network down here in the USA

Sylvia Rivera was a good friend of mine. Good luck in your endeavors.

Jay Dedman said...

keep it up.
i remember when you first started.
this is how we learn.
its normal.