Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mich Fix

Watch the video

We're rounding the bend into spring and I needed a little mich fix.  PLUS, I've seen a few of these speedy-photo vlog posts lately and I wanted to try it.

The music is by Corner Tour, two of the members have cameos in this clip.

Photos are by me and also by Gretchen Phillips.


You can see the 2006 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival line-up here: 


rob parrish said...

makes me want to move to Michigan!

Michael said...

I liked that one, you all look like you have a lot of fun together!

I did the same type of video. Josh Leo coined it as a Subliminal Slideshow. Check it out here

B said...

I've never gone, but this video made me want to more than anything I've ever read or seen before. It's got to be such an empowering time.