Monday, April 03, 2006

Videoblogging Week 2006 - Day 1: Gum

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Recently my dentist told me to go ahead and eat gum (sugarless, of course) because it wasn't going to hurt my teeth - even though for years I avoided gum because of my TMJ (term for screwed up jaw).

In becoming a gum chewer, I've been trying out lots of varieties & flavours.  Lately I've noticed that gum doesn't have a flavour so much as a brand image - there's these new gums by Excel that are called "Voltage" and "Crash" - what does that TASTE like?

Anyway, yesterday I got suckered into impulse buying this new packaging for Juicy Fruit - 60 pieces of gum in one container.  No bubble packs that you have to bust the little things out of.  Now normally I take two pieces of gum at a time because I hate the size & the quick loss of flavour you get with one.  With 60 pieces of already unwrapped gum....well - you see what happens.




Devin said...

_Eat_ gum?

Be careful chewing excessively. It'll screw up your jaw muscles. Think: they're only made to chew when you eat.

Devin said...

No e-mail?

In respsonse: tells a bit more.

Unknown said...

Thank you. You chew up everything brilliant and awful about videoblogging in a single post. It hurt to watch. I'm still laughing.

Anonymous said...

This was so funny. It took you a while to do the math eh... LOL
Thanks now I know what NOT to try... I could feel it in my jaws... OMG

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious and fascinating. Love the overt monotony!

Anonymous said...

not sure that's what your dentist had in mind. made me laugh out loud.

Tanja Hayne said...

hey there...
been off line for a while but anxious to get back at it.. can u pls e-mail me at
i misplaced my compression settings list.... (i took a workshop with you back in the fall)... hope yer well,
dig the gum. keep those crazy vlogs coming.