Friday, August 03, 2007

Catch-Up Vlog


buckylaroo said...

christ! i just watched your catch up video and i feel like ive been stuck in a car with you for 8 hours.
you are amazing and as lukas as ever.
now i have some new material to tease you with. hope the canoe trip is rad

Anonymous said...

love you mean it.
(if you didn't catch it on film it's like it didn't happen)

Judith & Zach said...

OMG! i loved it. i'm disabled, can u teach me how to make a video? i have a macbook that i don't know how to use- wish i could trade u 4 yer pc brick. lemme get right on that. ur amazing. really. and i'm glad i'm not "subscribed" b/c i like popping in and being surprised by what's up.