Friday, February 01, 2008

Moz Dev Demo - 0.5 Release of Source Server for Windows Builds

This is a video demo of the status of my current bugfixing on the bug I filed regarding the adding of Source Server to windows debugging of mozilla code.

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V Kingsley said...

The first crazy thing is that I listened to the entire demo. The second crazy thing is that I understood almost nothing (having to do with my level of computer knowledge - not to do with the quality of the demo.) The third crazy thing is that the whole experience was geek sexy in a way similar to Gomez listening to Morticia speak French (american sitcom Addams Family circa 1965).

So I heard the message on J's phone - it seems as if we shall be neighbors for a time? Congratulations. I hope we can all get together. Dani and I would love to host a dinner.