Tuesday, February 08, 2005

First times

This is my first entry.
I'm not exactly sure why i'm starting a blog - but i just went and checked out my friend's blog and since i have the day off... well - i guess it's also a nice change from diaryland. I've been on diaryland for 4.5 years. If you want to know anything about the past 4.5 years of me you can check it out at http://evilpirate.diaryland.com

I'm listening to the same 15 songs over and over again... it's a rainy overcast day and i'm stuck in my daydreams. I'm remembering spring days gone by, walks in the woods, the lightness in my chest when i was kissing that girl in that car that time to the indigo girls "devotion". I'm so stuck in my imagination right now and the harmonies of ELO "Love is like Oxygen" are keeping me stuck in a kind of limbo. Tomorrow i am going to have an all ELO day.


1 comment:

rubeeredslippers said...

what's the difference btwn a blog and 'diaryland'?
i guess i should check it out and find out, huh...
glad i could be an inspiration ;-)