Saturday, October 01, 2005


Watch the video

i'm in school full time now and my vlog is suffering. i'm gonna try to get back on the horse, for now - check out my new moustache and my new kitten.


Anonymous said...
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ryanne said...

cute kitty! super paws.
you can have my facial hair if you want it...i'll donate it to you.
what is your tattoo?
that's your next video, please!

Jay Dedman said...

welcome back.
you sound and look great.
glad youre busy doing what youre doing.
lets see some of those 18 year old boys.

Chris said...

If you need a break from the home work, come out to the vlogging presentation I'm doing @ George Brown on Tuesday -
Let me know if you want to talk about your vlog and why you vlog and I can set you up, or just take part in the discussion.
If can't make the talk, we'll be hitting Betty's afterwards (240 King E).