Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Response to the Rebel Sell (and missintensity)

Watch the video

This is my response to missintensity's post about the Rebel Sell by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter.


Vloggercon 2006 posts to come soon.


Cult of Craft said...

I've done the shirt thing too. Actually, I do it everyday at school. In addition to wanting to look cool (cool shirts), I want people who may share similar interests to come up and be like, "hey are you going to this show?"

Your right though, very, very shallow.

Lukas Blakk said...

Totally - there's something comforting about seeing right off the bat that someone is into a similar music/art/culture.

On a basic level, I think we are just trying to create tribes and be part of something bigger.

B said...

That's a perfect story, Lukas, because I think many of us can relate.

When I moved to Boston, I hoped my hairy legs would be a symbol for people. But it took me months to find people anyway because I didn't do some of that leg work (ha, no pun intended). I appreciate that you can relate to moving somewhere alone and starting over. I'm glad you found good people.

We do try to find allies that way. I think it makes sense. But I don't have to shop at Hot Topic to do it, thank god.