Saturday, November 05, 2005

What on earth...

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More fun with the two cutest house pets.  Hopey is becoming more cat-like than before.  Yesterday she pounced on an elastic band.  Imagine, a 72lbs hound dog trying to pounce.  She's not graceful, but she's my dog.


music - "Tango" by the Corner Tour 


Anonymous said...

Cute. whenever I get my camera out my cat vanishes.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! How CUTE!!!! But did you say that's a 70-something-pound hound? S/he doesn't look that big.... Wowzers! I have a pair of 20-some pounders... they do some pretty cute and funny stuff, but I can't imagine either of them letting any of the kitties get all up on 'em like that! So cute!

BTW, loving your vlog, even if my computer is getting slower and slower with every clip I try to watch (time to clear the cache...) and Trannie-bois are da bomb! :)