Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gender Talk

Watch the video
It's time for another discourse on my gender journey.


Horace said...

I commend what you are doing. I have been working with Mariette Pathy Allen for many years, so I am somewhat familiar with the TG world, albeit from a non-TG perspective. I have deep respect the gender queer movement. I think it very courageous and bold. I love making society question it's reality and showing them a whole new side of the world that exist in their own backyard. So kudos to you!

XYBØRG said...

I stumbled across your vlog by accident (I'm trying to create one of my own) and just viewed your latest post. I found it very moving and poignant. I'm not TG but have run into similar internal conflicts as I grew. I'll definitely come back.

B said...

I'm coming to your vlog pretty late, on the recommendation of a friend, and I want to again say how much I applaud and respect your honesty.

I love that you wanted to wear nail polish even though you didn't completely like it. I don't shave, which is a small act in comparison, I realize, but I don't often like the way it looks and do it anyway. If it causes people to think twice, it's worth it.