Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let the games begin...

Watch the video


Killer B said...

Hooray! Everyone else apparently beat me to the donating button, but I'm so thrilled you'll be coming.

Can I still have a Make Vlogs Not War bag? You should sell them at the conference. I can already think of a few of us who would want them :)

Mary Beth said...

Ooohhh, and I like B's suggestion. I'm big into canvas bags and would LOVE one that says Make Vlogs Not War. Bring it! :)

Casey McKinnon said...

Wowee! I just linked to this post from the Videoblogging Group... how amazing. Videobloggers are so supportive, you are a testament to this... congrats on your success!

See you at Vloggercon,

Harold J. Johnson said...

Nice...By the way, here's (perhaps) and easier way for you to create your titles. Rather than posting multiple images at the beginning of your video, create an animated GIF image using your preferred photo-editing program. (I use the free program GIMP, but I'm sure you can do this with Photoshop, too.)

Using GIMP:

1) Create your title
2) 'Save as...', selecting GIF, and then selecting the button for animation
4) Drag and drop the resulting GIF file into QuickTime Pro (or whatever program you use to edit and convert your video)

That should do it! Just began doing this yesterday myself...