Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Things I wish I could show you...

1. The drunk man throwing a carton of milk at the streetcar yesterday.

2. Me making the chocolate/peanut butter sauce on the fly last night as we scrambled to assemble a dessert that I had never seen or made before.

3. Hopey passed out under my co-workers' desk... it's really hot!

4. The rat running across the road and getting smooshed by a car - witnessed by me at 2am last Friday on the way home from the ROM.

5. Raccoon life - seriously, the other day I was thinking that I would love to do a discovery channel show about raccoons and follow particular ones around.

6. The program I'm curating for mich - I want to see how people who don't watch a lot of experimental film react to the line up.

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