Thursday, July 06, 2006

Selling out so soon? You just got here.

I just enabled advertising on my account. Apparently this means that there might be a still or a video advertising after my video plays. will split the revenues from advertising 50/50 with me. I can't help it - I'm curious to see how much we're talking about here. Could this really be a way to make some money while doing something I already enjoy? I'd rather take money from folks who have it to give, like advertising, and I'm just gonna trust that will match me up with good companies. I happily promote companies I like all the time for free - like blip for I'm going to try this advertising out and see what shakes down. Fortunately it's an opt-in thing, so I can always opt-out like I did when I tried the LJ sponsored level for about an hour and then decided I didn't like how my journal page looked with ads on it.

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