Monday, April 25, 2005

Missing Tracy

Click image to see movie.

I miss Tracy. She's my muse. I can follow her with a camera like no one else. We work well together that way. So, I re-worked this little piece of something I already have... I can't wait until she gets back from her travels.


dltq said...

filter? which one?

what software do you use? oh, you might have said that somewhere, silly me. its kinda hard to go through all the archives of people. hah, go check out my own 5 months of archive :P some of the links are even dead because i simply have too many frigging videos.

anyway, interesting visual effect! blood red ooh yeah.

(who have been playing around with filters as well)

dltq said...

months later, when I watch this again, I can't help asking myself how Tracy really looks :)

Hope you are well. Best regards from Norway